Trick my Truck on CMT – Submarine Theme

From Megan – 

CMT Trick my Truck - Submarine Theme

Trick my truck on CMT, Submarine theme
Show Time
Sat., Jul. 28 3:00 PM ET/PT

From CMT:

Robert LaGrange got into trucking following a successful naval career aboard a nuclear submarine. Driving a truck has been a dream come true for Robert, but his wife’s illness has forced him to truck long hours in order to feed his family. Don’t miss it, as the boys drop in on Robert and transform his 2001 Freightliner into a truck that would make any sailor proud.

I’m setting my DVR now. 🙂


One Response

  1. I didn’t see that picture when i got the info…. lol thats cool! and like always I missed the show. However there is date and time for the next show on the site…. Show Time
    Mon., Jul. 30 12:00 AM ET/PT
    Thought I would pass on this info for those like me who missed it.

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