Neilsen TV Family

Nielsen Family

About two weeks ago we were contacted to be a “Nielsen Family”.

That means for about the last week we have writing down EVERY TV program that we have watched. The survey lasts for two weeks. We have four TV’s in our house. Yes, four. I am happy to report though that LilK does NOT have a TV in his room. That I stand firm on, never mind there is a TV in practically ever OTHER room in the house. 🙂

What have I discovered during this week:

1. I only watch one TV.
2. As a family we have watched Everybody Loves Raymond, Seinfield and the Beckham debut to MLS.
3. The 11 yr. old watches to much wrestling.
4. The husband watches CSI and the SciFi channel almost exclusively.
5. His other shows are Burn Notice, MI5 (which I think is funny at the beginning when they recommend you use closed captioning).
6. I rarely watch a show beginning to end.
7. The office tv has had zero viewing hours.
8. Just when I was feeling terrible about have 4 TV’s, I remembered why. I don’t have to watch the SciFi Channel or the Disney Channel, I can watch my own show on a DIFFERENT TV. Plus, they are happy they don’t have to watch So You Think You Can Dance, or Y&R!

It actually has been pretty fun to keep track of it all. I think we watch more TV in the winter though, I wouldn’t want to take this survey then.

I need to do something about all that wrestling, did you know wrestling comes on THREE times a week?! Even though the boys watch it together….it still can’t be good.


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