Navy Wife Radio LIVE! Tues 24th at 2pmET – “Being Physically Fit and Fiscally Fit!”

Update: Listen to the Billy Blanks show here:

Billy and daughter Shellie Photo Credit from

July 24th – Billy Blanks and daughter Shellie & USAA Money Expert

Join us for Fitness expert, TAE-BO creator Billy Blanks LIVE! at 2pmET.

I met Billy at a spouse conference in San Diego last May.  He made an impromtu appearance and gave such an amazing message to the military spouses in attendence.  One of the things he said that I’ll never forget was, “It’s an honor to be in this room with all of you.”  He was so geniune, down to earth and had such great ENERGY as you would imagine, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to all of you!

Get ready to be MOTIVATED by Billy Blanks and we are hoping his daughter Shellie will be able to join the fun!

Today’s show is all about “Being Physically Fit and Fiscally Fit!”

usaa_moneytips.gifOther guests include an USAA expert June Walbert. June combines her expertise as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with USAA Financial Planning Services with her 17 years of military service to help families get their finances into shape!

Join us LIVE at 2pmET!

We welcome your phone calls. Our call # is 646-652-4629.

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Show Details:

July 24th
Yahoo and AOL IM: Navy Wife Radio

Be sure to put the show on your POD (Plan of the Day)!! 🙂

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Music Credit: On this episode we will feature the song: “Is This Love” by Thomas Anderson now available on iTunes.  This song was made popular on the hit TV series *Army Wives*.


4 Responses

  1. My Dearest Neice, Wendy! I am so proud of your radio talk show. You are so well versed and relay so much information for Navy spouses. What a wonderful network of supportive services you are providing. I am so impressed with the show. Billy Blanks had me and my whole entire office on the edge of our seats. I called everyone into my office to listen to my neices radio talk show! Everyone was gathered around just waiting for the next question that would be asked of him and his daughter. You all are celebs in the entire office! Well done! Aunt Lucy Ann

  2. The show was wonderful! So much great information! My husband started using the Billy Blanks videos a while back, when I started with another work out video. We’ve both been slacking but my goal was, for me to do the Billy Blanks work out one day and my other work out the next. I’ve got to stop trying and just ‘Do It’!
    And June from USAA had some great info on credit card debt and managing money…. another part of my life that I’m working towards a goal on.
    Great info!!! It would be alot of fun having listening to both of them on the show again!!
    … oh and if you guys do the work out video, I’d like to join in … on the back row. lol

  3. I love my family 🙂

    and Megan (subwife) I’m so glad you enjoyed the show!! Billy, Shellie AND June were awesome!

    ps. I’ll be the back row too, we’ll put the guys in the front. 🙂

  4. awww. thanks! Sounds great, guys in front and us on the back row, I wonder how many people are going to want to be on the back row….. good thing we have dibbs on it now! lol

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