Summer Reading

Shopaholic and Baby
We are big readers at our house. In fact when people come over they almost always say, “wow, you guys have a lot of books.” In my effort to not buy as many books, I’ve decided to start using our local library. At some point we are going to have to move again, and since we pretty much almost maxed out our weight allowance last time I figure I need to rethink buying every book I want to read.

Visiting the library this summer has become one of our favorite destinations. We’ve been going at least every two weeks, and sometimes every week. I don’t think I ever used our library at our last duty station but a hand full of times. I’m wondering why I haven’t been doing this sooner.

Recently I finished reading “Shopaholic and Baby” by Sophie Kinsella.

One of my favorite books, that I am always telling everyone they need to read (including Marie) is The Undomestic Goddess, written by the same author. I know there are other books in this series and I am sort of starting backwards. When you first walk into our library they have the “New Release” section, you can’t miss it. This book caught my eye and my interest so I figured I’d read the others out of order. Oh Well. Since it was on the 7 day check-out list, I had no choice but to finish it right away. I think I finished it in 3 days, it was hard to put down.

Without giving to much away the basic plot of the book is:

Set in London, the main character “Becky Bloomwood” is set on going to the celebrity ob/gyn and is successful at getting an appointment, only to later discover the ob/gyn is her husbands ex-girlfriend. Yep, it only gets better from there.

This book is great for lazy summer days. It is funny, well written and a little quirky. I’m not a “fashionista” like this character is, however it is still an entertaining read.

I read very little fiction, so for me……a book must do a very a good job at keeping my interest and this one is just the ticket.

Check it out today!!

Have you read it?? Share your thoughts….

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