$250 Million Man

David Beckham - Photo Credit Garrett Ellwood/WireImage
Garrett Ellwood/WireImage

David Beckman has finally made his appearance. The Los Angeles Galaxy played Chelsea today and towards the end of the match Beckman took the pitch, despite a bad ankle. I watched the beginning, some of the middle and of course the end. 90 min. is a long time and my attention span isn’t that great. The Galaxy lost 1-0.

I read that close to 300,000 jerseys had been sold in the week up the match. 300,000!

I’m sure Lil K is going to want one. We have never bought him a pro-team jersey, this might the first.

If you watched the match, it was hard to miss Katie Holmes (with baby) and Eva Longoria in the box with wife Victoria.

We live and breath soccer around here, fall and spring since Lil K was 3 1/2.

I’m excited to see how MLS will benefit from David playing in the US. We watched an interview on ESPN with him prior to the match and I must say I have never actually seen him in an interview. I was most struck my his accent, not the “proper English” accent I was expecting. He was also much more down to earth that I imagined and he said he a “pretty emotional chap, I’ve been known to cry during movie scenes”. Big K is known for this too. 😉

I also read he picked the #23 because that was Michael Jordan’s #.


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