Navy Wife Radio – LIVE Tonight 9pm ET

Update: This show is now available via the archives listen here.
On tonights show we welcome Amanda Barker the founder of, a Message Board for the Navy wife, fiance, girlfriend and family community.

Other topics on tonights show:

Summer Fun – Megan’s Key West on a budget and Booking a trip to Disney? Top travel websites, we’ve done the research, hear our suggestions!!

Health Corner – Tae-Bo update! How’s your fitness plan going??

and more….

We invite you to call in or IM with your questions, comments and even if you just want to say hi to Amanda!!

To listen live go to:

You can leave us a comment here, or send us an email on our About page.

Show Details:

July 2nd
9pm EST
Yahoo IM: Navy Wife Radio

Be sure to put the show on your POD (Plan of the Day)!! 🙂

Listen Live


5 Responses

  1. Received via Yahoo IM:

    Sallie writes: You guys rock!

  2. Received via Yahoo IM:

    Megan writes: “…..I was glad to finally catch it (your show) live”

  3. Received via Yahoo IM:

    Kimberly writes: “First time listener…the show is great!!!”

  4. Received via Yahoo IM:

    Alison writes: I’m a member of LMS. I wanted to say thank you for having Amanda on the show. This site has been such a great thing for me. I am one of the girls she helped buy a stroller for. She and others from the site have been such a help to me. I would be lost without my LMS girls. They are amazing. Thank you again.

  5. The link to the LMS Cookbook is:

    By ordering this cookbook you will be suporting the LMS site and ensuring it stays online!

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