Summer Fun Anyone?

Have you done something fun this summer?? Taken a day trip to someplace new? Shades of Green? We want to hear about it.

Send us your guest post and we’ll display it here.

Share your ideas for summer fun with all of us! I know there are some creative wives out there, so give us your ideas!

Even if it is a simple idea like a hammock, Sam Adams, Pina Colada and a sprinkler for the kids……we want to hear your story!


3 Responses

  1. Hubby and I are sneaking away for a drive down to Key West this weekend!!! we are excited, and i’ll have to tell you all about how to do Key West on a budget. After all, we are only paying $65 a night to stay ON the island. Now we are trying to find stuff to do that is just as cheap. LOL

  2. How lucky are you! Have fun!! On our trip we took a tour to the Dry Tortugas Can you believe the husband got sea sick! I had my dramine and other stuff which helped me. We still laugh about that….well…I laugh. 🙂 Enjoy!!

  3. oh, i really want to do the dry tortugs, the sea plane out there is just a bit more than the boat.. .but both are out of our price range unfortunatly, unless they do 2 for the price of one. lol Speaking of sea sickness and boats and hubbies, mine just told me he wants to do crab fishing like on the show ‘the deadlist catch’ …. but i guess thats a whole different topic. lol

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