British Soccer Camp

Challenger Sports - British Soccer Camp
We have sent LilK to soccer camp the past 3 summers…..we picked a camp called Challenger Sports, you might have heard of it??

Like that famous talk show host Marie and I visited last January, we like to share our favorite things when we find something that we just LOVE!

We’ll it’s that time of year to find something for your kids to do in between running through the sprinkler, pool time, daytime movies, and yes, I’ll admit to it video games and too much TV.

Challenger Sports puts on British Soccer Camps all around the country, coaching over 100,000 boys and girls in 1700 different camps. We have had great experiences and I highly encourage you if you haven’t decided on a camp for your little soccer player boy or girl, consider this one.

Here is the website!


5 Responses

  1. My son is currently attending challenger sports soccer camp this week. It is really cool, the coaches are great!! I’d recommend it to anyone!

  2. That is cool…small world!

  3. I just heard on the blogtalk that you had been a host family for one of the coaches, we had thought about doing that. How was it? We may offer to do it next year, or when ever it comes again. Do you have any advice?

  4. Megan,
    Actually, we just “hosted” him for dinner. Next summer though, we plan on hosting a coach or two. Coach James is awesome, just a baby at barely 20, this is his 2 summer coaching and does such a fantastic job. Actually, him and another coach from a different camp in the city will be spending the night tomorrow night so they can have an extra night in town together to hang out and find some fun. I felt bad for James because his host family hadn’t taken him out all week…..I know being in the sun all day is tiring, but I would think that would be part of the “experience” is to share some highlights of the city you live in with your guest. But then they have 3 kids, so I can see how that might be difficult.

    I’ll let you know how Fri. night goes. 🙂

  5. Well thats still really cool. My son had coach Jason and he seemed pretty cool. I didn’t know the names of the other 2 coaches, but I’m sure anyone who is willing to coach a bunch of kids would be cool. lol I have 3 kids, and thats one of the reasons we decided not to be a host family this year because we thought that if we did who ever stayed with us wouldn’t get any sleep. lol

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