Sarah Smiley on Navy Wife Radio Jun 12th!

Sarah Smiley

Update:  13 Jun 07 – You can listen to the Sarah Smiley interview via the archives on demand!!  Click here to listen or go

Sarah Smiley is coming to Navy Wife Radio Tues, June 12th. We’ll be talking about her book GOING OVERBOARD: The Misadventures of a Military Wife and her column Shore Duty. Sarah’s life rights were recently optioned by Kelsey Grammer’s company, Grammnet, and Paramount Television. A half-hour sitcom based on her columns and book is now in development.

We’ll be talking about all this and how she juggles being a mom of three!

We have already received some comments and questions for Sarah and we want yours also!

You can leave us a comment here, or send us an email on our About page.

We’ll also be taking your IM’s and calls LIVE tomorrow night at 9pm EST.

Show Details:

June 12th
9pm EST
Yahoo IM: Navy Wife Radio

Be sure to put the show on your POD (Plan of the Day)!! 🙂

Listen Live

8 Responses

  1. Not to be an anal-retentive nerd, but I’m assuming you mean Eastern Daylight Time?

  2. Yes….you are right….it is summer time. 🙂
    Tell your wife about the show!! Thanks!

  3. I am so excited that I finally got to catch a LIVE show and what a perfect show to catch! I can’t wait to find Sarah’s book because from the sounds of it, it’s just the book I need to read… all those books about growing babies and what to expect when the baby comes get a little boring after a while!! I tried to call into the show but of course, living in “Conservitive, Small Town, USA” our cell service is limited to outside talking, and when the rain comes, that nixes all plans for conversations! Can’t wait to catch another show and to get my hands on Sarah’s book! Thanks again ladies for all you do! 🙂

  4. wow the show was great! I had to miss the live show because of night school,but i just listened to it. I was excited to hear that Sarah might be at Amelia Island in October, I will definantly try to make it out there for that.

  5. We need to plan a “girls lunch or diiner” for all of us!! Maybe we will get something planned!

  6. Via our AOL account:

    MacysGirl writes: “….I really enjoyed the show! You girls do a great job!….”

  7. Via our MySpace Page:

    Amanda writes:

    Subject: Sarah Smiley was awesome in Pensacola

    I wanted to say that I had the honor of meeting Sarah at the Naval Flight Museum in Pensacola Florida. She was there to help honor military spouses. I just loved her story about the bachelor. What a sweetheart!

    Thanks for having her on the show.

    P.S I’m so sorry I haven’t gotten back to you. My computer died, we had a really bad virus and so my husband had to start from scratch.

    You both just make my heart burst with pride. Thanks so much for what your doing!

    Navy Smiles,

  8. I think a lunch/dinner with all of us would be wonderful… infact I may even skip school for the night to go and do that! lol Please let us know as time comes closer on any plans that may be made!!! thanks ladies for such a great site!

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