Making New Friends

Last week I went to the pool with a new mil-spouse friend. Our kids 10 & 11 swam while we chatted about mil-life, our professions, our goals and of course our kids. Holly was so genuine and nice. Isn’t it great when you meet someone who you have things in common with!??

We met at SpouseBUZZ Live a few weeks ago and although our kids had never met seemed to just take to one another.

Mil-spouse kids I think are far more outgoing than their counterparts, not to mention better behaved.

With our nomadic lifestyle, I’m interested in how you make new friends. It’s important to step out and experience new things. I ventured out of my normal “radius” here in this new town I’m living in and I have to tell you it was an adventure. I saw several new strip malls and got a little lost, but still managed to find my way! πŸ™‚

How do you have fun?


2 Responses

  1. I just started massage therapy school almost 6 weeks ago. I go to school 45 min. away. Not only was I able to find some one to commute back and forth to school with, she is a fellow submariner’s wife and we get along really well! She is the first person that I’ve met and consider a friend since we’ve moved here 4 months ago.

    I have two friends that I met at the last command through the FSG. We’ve formed a really good friendship and probably will always keep in touch, no matter where the navy takes us.

  2. On our boat, if we find out a new guy is coming, we ask him if we may email his wife. With our most recent addition, we were able to get her in on planning some fun deployment stuff. All the girls started emailing and calling her right away and she really appreciated the outpouring of support. By the time she actually arrived, we were all at the airport to greet them and even took them out to dinner and to their hotels. I have really hit it off with this spouse.. Through emails and phone calls we just clicked. We are so similar. . . it’s been really fun meeting a new friend. I can’t speak enough for the power of good ‘ol hospitality. When I arrived a gracious lady took me in, so I wanted to do the same for others. Thanks MA πŸ™‚

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