Flip Mode

Guest Blogger Alecia Writes:

Business Mode. My husband has learned to recognize this very quickly –and move out of the way. I can quickly slip in and out of it. Usually things like a disorganized pile of clutter on the table, PCS movers showing up at my door, and occasionally the lack of vacuum lines on my floor will send me right into it. According to my husband — I have spent most of my life in business mode. Perhaps it could best be described as a Type A personality on perfectionist steroids!

But lately, I’ve noticed that the” business mode” has gracefully transitioned into ” deployment mode.” The funny thing is, deployment mode doesn’t necessarily revolve around deployment. I think it’s actually a shift in my entire attitude.

Whenever Fleet and Family Services people come out talk with you, they always stress the importance of being flexible and going with the flow. 12 months ago, that was certainly not my strong suit. In fact, if going with the flow was not on my palm pilot list of daily to dos, I didn’t go at all! You can only imagine the amount of frustration I must have faced as the mom of a two-year-old. Unfortunately, it probably pales in comparison to his frustration with me! However — that’s an entirely different piece.

To get back on topic, I’ve decided I really like deployment mode. Things are much more loose around here. Some days the beds don’t get made, and some days you can’t even see the bed because of the laundry piled on top. Instead of fretting over what complicated side dishes I’m going to (attempt to) serve with my main course, I just throw the corn dog in the microwave and make sure my little one is getting his Juice Plus supplements. And finally, for the first time in a long time — I feel absolutely zero guilt about that.

Our motto has quickly become “see ya when I see ya,” And let me assure you — if I know there’s a long time between “ya”s- I might just wait until there is only one towel and one clean out fit left until I do the laundry. (Tho I do not advocate this as sometimes the latter “yas”come without warning!!) I look at all of these things as a positive. “Deployment Mode” is all about taking a much more flexible and adaptive approach to life. . . And meal planning.

The best thing about the “deployment mode” is this: family time has become my number one priority. I have quickly found that my husband much prefers my “deployment mode” to my “business mode”. I feel a lot less pressure to have everything perfect and have a lot more energy (and happiness) to put into the things that really matter. When my husband walks in the door, I will drop everything. And if my desk is still a mess the next morning or the dishes from our take out are still on the table, it’s just fine by me; those are things I can take care of while he’s inside his tin can. But making time to watch The Ultimate Fighter with your best friend-now THAT is the stuff great marriages are made from !

So call it “deployment mode” or call it finally “getting a life” I am a much happier person for it. Besides, when your home is filled with happiness, it’s a heck of a lot easier to over look the small stuff and yes. . . Go with the flow!


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  1. I flip into overdrive mode. Like the last deployment I installed wood floors in three days and then remodeled the whole kids bathroom. I have to say my husband prefers this to the get nothing done, hang all over my husband mode I do when he is home. I can’t help it I have to soak in everything cause who knows how long it will last till the kitchen gets remodeled.

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