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I have a new guest blogger to introduce! Alecia and her Sailor are stationed in Hawaii. We are excited for her to share a few posts with us about her life, her business and her Navy experiences.

Please be sure to read her post and leave her a comment.


Alecia writes:

About Me:

So, where do I begin. I always find my first blog entry , to be the hardest. You want to put your best foot forward and get down to the root of who you really are. But I must say, I don’t think any of us are really defined by our words — but rather by our actions and the things that we put out into the world.

My name is Alecia. I’ve been married to my husband for seven years, and I am a proud Submariner wife. For the past four years I have been a stay-at-home Mom with our little boy Will. My two boys are the absolute light of my world. If you had told me 10 years ago, that I would be scrubbing toilets, cooking meals, and happily wearing an apron on a daily basis — I probably would have laughed at you. I didn’t think I was exactly the PTA type. But these days, taking care of my family and my boat family is what it’s all about.

On a purely superficial level, I love fashion, handbags, stiletto heels, makeup and hair. I can’t help it, I’m a true Southern girl — who knows better than to step out of the house without her girdle and lipstick. On a deeper level, however, those are the things that make me feel like me. Those are the things that I won’t allow being a mom to take away from me. Quite honestly, I think it’s important for wives and mothers to make the effort to retain their own identity. Call it selfish or call it practical –being a good wife and mother for my family means feeling good about myself and the things that I do.

Like most military families, we find ourselves moving around every few years, and facing many many long deployments. As we rolled to our current sea duty station, I knew that I would be seeing a lot less of my husband, my best friend. As I was thinking of ways to fill my time and keep upbeat — it came to me. I have always wanted to work in or own, a retail boutique. However, for our family, it did not seem practical for me to go back to work yet. That’s when I decided to take a huge leap. I did my homework, talked to my husband and decided to give Internet retailing a try. My online boutique is called The Paisley Palmetto. While I knew the odds were heavily stacked against me, I’m also a believer in not being so afraid of failure, that you don’t put yourself out there for success.

I launched my website in late January of this year. It has become the perfect business solution for me. While I do spend many hours as its sole employee, it has also afforded me tremendous flexibility to take care of my family and volunteer in my Navy community. It goes wherever I go. All I need is my cell phone and my laptop, and I am in business. It has also given me something to do on those late nights. When Chad is deployed and Will is in bed, instead of gorging on ice cream and watching chick flicks, I hop on my computer and began working on the next big idea.

Currently my boutique carries a vast array of guest items and accessories. this month, I am also adding a gift concierge service to the site. I am really excited about this, because there are not a lot of services to match this online. While the average civilian may not have a need for this service, our military families do-particularly our submariner’s. Curious? Come on over and check us out.

So there you have it. I’m just another submariner wife, looking for ways to take care of and support my family, without sacrificing, who I really am. While my husband is absolutely the man of the family, I am the rock. Supporting my husband and raising a good Christian child are my main goals in life. I’d just like to do that with a little bit of flair and a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading- now that I’ve met you- watch out. I’m a no holds bar- tell it like it is kinda girl and I’m not afraid to share my failures and my make up tips with the world! Now my margarita recipe. . . Well- that’s another blog!


Thanks Alecia for taking the time to contribute.

If you are reading this and are interesting in guest blogging, click on our About page and send us an email.


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