‘Army Wives’ – My Reaction


I’ve just seen the new TV Series Army Wives on Lifetime.

First let me say, I don’t normally watch a lot of TV. I have a few favorites that I watch, but even those will sit on my DVR till I have time to watch and I’ve been known to watch 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy back to back.

I tried not to watch all the previews online or read many sneak peek reviews so that I wouldn’t already know the best parts.

My first reactions are I really like the show. It was actually better than what I was expecting. But hold on….lets not get too excited yet.

My favorites:

1. The music! Including the track: Is This Love? – http://thomasandersonmusic.com/

2. I like Roxy and I totally buy into that story line. It’s a little racy, but very believable. She has the best dialog.

3. The camera style / visual look of the show. Recreating the military / army experience visually is very hard to do. The different shots they used, a little hand held camera action, kept it interesting and appealing to the eye.

Least Favorites:

1. “Soldiers don’t like their wives to work”.

2. The son hitting Catherine Bell – “Thats way to Lifetime” (a quote from Marie) and the “dismissed” line.

3. LTC Joan Burton dancing on the bar. Not sure just what “she did” that when her husband finds out “won’t love her anymore”, I’m guessing she wasn’t faithful. That person will be at the “Hail and Fairwell” around episode 4.

Totally did not like:

1. Why is it there has to be a half naked women shown on the screen. This is a show FOR women. I can never understand why stuff like this happens. Where are the young men doing PT with no shirts on? or a locker room scene….something people!!

2. The sex in the bathroom stall – call me a conservative.

Hope they add in future episodes:

1. A more diverse cast. Where’s the latin girl and/or guy??

Technical points:

1. In the opening scene as they are showing the base; the part I did ask the husband to watch to see what he recognized from his old Navy base and he said, “Yes, those are the old boomer baracks and officer housing.”

2. As far as the Tea Party having enlisted and officer wives there…..the dialog states it was a “fundraiser”, not a “social event”. In the Army world and Air Force they do have formal balls that I’ve been that include officer and enlisted. I’ve also attended as a DoD Civilian. I’ve also attended coffee’s with both officer and enlisted wives in the Army world and FRG related events at a CO’s house in the Navy world. There has been a TON of debate on this issue over at the Army Wives blog.

My recap:

I do have some hesitation in giving my green light to this series.

I have questions like:

Am I just so happy to see a series about Military Wives that I will overlook the offensive scenes of Roxy in her thong, the sex scene in the bathroom stall and settle for the “jody bar” references to get to the “good” scenes like PVT LeBlanc teaching the kids Army lingo and him helping Roxy iron his uniform shirt? (but then geez…Roxy is in her underwear. Why do we need to see that? I am the only one not ironing in front of my kids in my underwear?)

I think if I can remember this is a Drama and not take it too seriously then it will be good summer entertainment, a guilty pleasure. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but my DVR tapes Grey’s. I love that show because it is filled with a mix of drama, fantasy, sap, ….it makes me laugh, cry and lets me relax for 45min. If Army Wives does that, then I’ll keep watching. (Even if I have to fast forward through the offensive parts – I do that on Grey’s too.)

Oh, I really like Brian MacNamara and I really think his character matches up better with Catherine Bell’s character.

I expect that around episode 7, now that would be “so Lifetime”!


Can someone tell me why on the Lifetime website the female Soldier, Joan Burton, doesn’t have her rank listed like the guys do?? hmmm


8 Responses

  1. Here’s my very controversial comment on the subject…Why Army wives? I understand that their husbands are the ones over there fighting in the war, and I believe that’s very noble and I support them wholeheartedly. However, when there isn’t a war going on, (maybe I’m ignorant on the issue) but what exactly and where exactly do Army men go to “work”?

    I’m not saying that I want to necessarily see a show about Navy wives, cause that could get REALLY scary. But weather there’s a war or not, submariners especially, still go out constantly and leave their families. And those on fast attacks go out often and for longer. Not that Army wives haven’t done their penance, but what about us? We do our penance weather we’re at war or not.

    I dunno. I didn’t watch it, I think I was too scared. I’ve got Army wife friends, and I’m worried that they’re going to go one extreme or the other with either overly patriotic, or overly slutty/bad motherly. Ya know?

  2. Hi, found you through your technorati tag- was curious to others reactions to Army Wives. I have posted my ‘view’ today if you would like to check it out.

    Being An Air Force Wife

  3. ok soooo had to reply to the what do the army guys do when not at war thing…sorry…my dad was army and even when this war wasn’t happening they train(same as our guys do when they are on “off crew” or on shore duty) and they still get sent to place like korea that are unaccompanied tours and they are gone for a year without family… i personally loved the show and got a kick out of the whole wives thing…unfortunately the whole rumor mill thing they portayed was quite acurate…it was funny…anyways i agree i kind of wondered why they chose army, but if you look at the time we are in…they can do alot more with army than navy..

  4. Overall I liked the show, I’ll watch it again. I guess we just have to keep in mind that it’s a show for entertainment and if it were too real who would watch it?

    I mean, how come every woman is always dressed nice and looks great? I don’t know about you, but if you come to my house, or even drive around housing, there are tons of women who are alone with little kids, who don’t have time to blow out their hair and put on a full face of make up. Heck sometimes I don’t even get dressed until after lunch!

    The only part that I really disliked was when the “welcome wagon” came to Roxy’s home and took her out to a bar. The women both admited to cheating on their husbands because they were away at war, and “batteries and rubber don’t last for too long”. I was horrified. The military wives have to deal with the stigma that we are all a bunch of whores who jump into other mens beds when our husbands are gone, every day. We fight that stereotype every day. I don’t know that many other navy wives and I certainly don’t know any army wives, however we are a proud people. We are proud to see our husbands boat leave down the river, we are proud of the work that they do for this country, we are proud to watch them pull in to the pier, and we are certainly proud to stay faithful to them while they are gone!!

    That was really the only part that bothered me.

  5. I agree that the army does work when there is no war. lol they are sent to other countries, they still go on deployments, go to the field and train with other branches just as they do now (the same goes for the marines).

    The show was a bit cheesy here and there, and pretty good in some points. I too could have done with out the sex in the bathroom or the bra and panties sceen. But it wouldn’t be drama with out controversy right? lol
    I’ll watch it if i catch it on, but i won’t be setting my tv to it.

  6. Being a Navy brat, I originally tuned into Lifetime’s Army Wives for the premise — family life on an Army post — and for the a cast that included Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue), Catherine Bell (JAG), and Brigid Brannagh (Angel), but I’ll be returning for the interesting characters and the captivating storyline.


  7. Ok, here it goes. . .please ladies, never “compare” branches. Each has it’s own good and bad points. There isn’t a branch that has it better or worse. And yes we all are ignorant in one way or another to a branch of service. Unless you personally served in all the branches, please do not compare. You could argue foever about who has it worse. The bottom line is that we should learn from each other. Now, on to the show. Remember, this is a “show” on lifetime. It is not going to be “real” all of the time. The wives that were shown dressed up were higher ranking wives and I think they looked normal. And the sex in the bathroom so totally happens, don’t ask, it wasn’t me. IT is a “story” being told for entertainment. Take it as that. I know some army wives that were upset at the show, but who hasn’t found fault in movies/shows about the military!? It is fiction. So, please ladies, do not talk about other brances and don’t compare. All of our men and women in the service work very hard and it is not right to say that one is better or more deserving than another.

    M 🙂

  8. “3. LTC Joan Burton dancing on the bar. Not sure just what “she did” that when her husband finds out “won’t love her anymore”, I’m guessing she wasn’t faithful. That person will be at the “Hail and Fairwell” around episode”

    She has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She is having a hard time coping with the fact that she had to kill people while deployed, and she doesnt think her husband will love her anymore because of it.

    As for me.. I love it. Im dating a Marine and can relate to a lot of what is going on in the show.

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