“Army Wives” TV Series

Now that The Bachelor is over and Grey’s Anatomy, it’s time to find a new guilty pleasure.

Lifetime TV has a new series Army Wives that premiers this Sunday, Jun 3rd at 10pmEST.

I’m not sure how realistic is will be…..but then it is on Lifetime, so Im sure it will have lots of drama, lots of controversy, lots of “loving”, and lots of sap.

To read the “Army Wives” Blog –

Tanya Biank, an Army spouse, is the author of “Army Wives, the Unwritten Code of Military Marriage,” the basis for Wives. She is also a consultant for the show.

Tanya is coming to Navy Wife Radio in July! Please email us your questions and we’ll talk about them on the show!

I already have my DVR set!

From USA Today – ‘Army Wives’ reports for duty Sunday’


One Response

  1. wow i wish i looked half as good as those army wives. LOL I watched the episode one part 1,2, & 3…. and … I’m sure it will be a great show. It was cheesey at first but, half way through it caught my attention was great. LOL

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