Back from the 619 / San Diego

sbl2-018.jpgMy trip to San Diego for the SpouseBUZZ Live Conference was a whirlwind experience.  I wasn’t involved in any of the planning, however I was able to be on a morning panel “The Military Spouse Experience” and help run the Blogging/Writing Breakout in the afternoon.  It was so great they brought this conference to a Navy town.  Being apart of the day was indeed an honor. 

Here are my Top 10 Hightlights of the weekend (in no particular order): 

1.  The Master of Cermonies Hattie Kaufmann, she was amazing.  A breast cancer survivor, Marine mom and wonderful speaker.  She started the morning off with a wonderful speech on what it means to be a Military Spouse and had me already getting teary eyed and we were only 30 min. into the day.

2.  Meeting Shelly Hall.  She lost her husband Kelly in a training accident and shared her story in such an open, real way it was impossible to not feel connected to her.  Thank you Shelly for being so transparent with all us.

3.  The Spouse Buzz authors who welcomed me with open arms:  Rachelle (AWTM), Ruthie (Airforcewife), JoanDArc (Carren), Sarah, Melinda (Guard Wife), and Andi.  These are all amazing women who have been through a lot.  13 month and longer deployments to Iraq, Afganistan, having babies while their husbands were deployed, husbands being injured, just so much experience and wisdom in one small group.  

4. and USAA who really went all out in planning this event. for the conference, yummy lunch, daycare, gift bags and more.  USAA for the “Digging for Diamonds”, give-aways ($500 – $50 x 10 winners), Chocolate fountain and more.  And to all the vendors for getting behind this great day.  Did I mention, Sears gave away a deep freeze!  Also, my VOX rep at the Blogging Breakout, Keri, she was awesome.

5.  Meeting the guest speakers, Tara Crooks from Army Wife Talk Radio (who was a hoot), Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer from Help! I’m a Military Spouse.  These ladies have committed their lives to helping and supporting Military Spouses and they do a fantastic job.

6.  My wonderful hotel room with a sleep number bed.  Thank you again (Loree Hirschman, Ryan and Vince).

7.  The Billy Blanks Experience.  Yes, he surprised all us women (and men) with an appearance.  His spirit was contagious and his energy as up beat as you would imagine.  He also did not hesitate to tell us Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and everything that I have that is good I have because of Him.  (This experience will require a separate post later.)

8.  Meeting all the mil-spouses throughout the day.  I met mil-spouses who came alone, some came with a girlfriend, others came in small groups like the young group of Submariner wives who cornered me.  They were so sweet, and they also were able to get a photo with Billy Blanks that I hope they remember to send me.

9.    The one young mom that came up to me to say “Thank You” for the event.  She had her little ones in the daycare, her husband was deployed and she was just thankful to get a break from the kids, normal life and get out amoung other miltary spouses. 

10.  The Navy Wife who told me she received an email via her Ombudsman about the event.  Yea!  All those phone calls I made to the CMDCM of the Region and Sub Sq. 11 worked I guess.  🙂

I know there are more than 10 in that list and I could easily list 10 more.  It was an amazing experience.  Being around military spouses and sharing is really like one big family reunion.

For a more detailed account of the day you can read it over at my blog.  I just wanted to encourage any of you who might of attended to please send me your feedback of the event, photos etc.

It was great to meet so many Navy / Military Spouses!! 

sbl2-027.jpg   sbl2-016.jpg  sbl2-030_bb.jpg


3 Responses

  1. i’m so disappointed that i couldn’t be there, but i’m glad everything went so well!!

  2. wow that sounds like it was a ton of fun, do they have anything like that out here, kings bay/jacksonville? I would love to attend something like that.

  3. I received this comment via our MySpace Page:

    Mayra writes:

    I loved everything about the convention. It was such a good experience. I loved everything from the goody bags, which are so practical, im using mine for the gym, to the day planner and calendar. The chocolate fondue was so yummy! and the free startbucks was amazing. The panels were so inspirational and informative. I laughed and related so much, and i cried too.

    The food was really good. I was not expecting so much detail and attention. Im vegetarian so i couldnt eat the chicken but everything was great. Meeting Billy Blanks was such an inspiration. I send my husband the picture and he’s so jealous. Sucks about Mario Lopez but it was his loss. We dont need him!

    I appreciate your honesty and sincerity about Military lives. It was good to see that I am not the only one going through all these emotions.

    Thanks for everything.

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