Leaving for the 619

San Diego here I come!

What is 619?  Read previous post.

I’ll be attending the SpouseBUZZ Live 2 conference this weekend in sunny San Diego and I can’t wait!  USAA and Military.com are sponsoring the event and have some amazing things in store for you ladies.

It’s still not to late to register.  If you live in the San Diego area go to www.spousebuzzlive.com and for more information on the agenda, speakers etc. go to www.spousebuzz.com

The husband is away right now at school and will be back on Friday, we will miss each other at the airport.  Bummer, maybe I’ll leave him a note at the Starbucks counter.  The weird thing about all of this is he will be in San Diego in about 2 weeks.  Too bad, the Navy couldn’t have sent him there THIS weekend.

If you are attending, please be sure to say hello!  I will be on a morning panel and co-running the afternoon “Blogging” breakout.  I can’t wait to meet you! 

If you can’t attend be sure to watch the webcast on www.spousebuzz.com  (9am-1pm PST)


3 Responses

  1. 619! lol you are soooo special sometimes!

  2. That’s just me trying to sound “Hip”. 😉 What, it didn’t work??

  3. i was all registered to go then this week i got a severe sunburn. Not used to the San Diego sun yet i guess. So anyway i took it easy and stayed home today. i hate that i missed it. Hope everyone who went had fun!!!

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