Meet the Parents

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We just finished taping our show “Meet the Parents”.  It is now available to listen to via the archives.

Click here to listen:

In this show we discuss ABC’s The Bachelor as Andy goes home with the girls to meet their parents.  We also answer some of your questions.

This show was sponsored by – Your daily source for Submarine News and Events!

Our next show is Thursday at 10pmEST – Come and Join Us!


2 Responses

  1. Ladies, I’m sad I won’t be able to catch your next live show, pregnancy puts me to bed early. I do want to say that your radio show seems to get my little one going in the morning. I’ll listen to your show with my computer in my lap and it never fails, once your show starts there goes the little flutter kicks. Thanks for giving both of us a jump start in the morning!!

  2. I guess I should have waited until I finished listening to the show to post, so I’ll leave another comment!! A BIG THANK YOU to you both for the suggestions in your radio show in response to my question. I really appreciate all the great ideas!! It makes me feel a whole lot better knowing what has worked with other people. It is kind of intimidating bringing a little one into Navy life, but not so much anymore. THANKS FOR THE GREAT IDEAS!!!! P.S. it’s a boy!

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