Photo Deadline is Today!

subwife_wedding.jpgWe are creating a photo collage featuring all of you!  Submarine Wives and their Sailors exclusively.  Maybe you have seen videos floating around UTube that feature Marine and Army wives, well ours will be the first Submarine Wife video out there!  (I haven’t been able to find ANY.)  We have been steadily receiving your photos over the past month and a half and today is the deadline to submit your photo.

Please email your “formal” photo (wedding or ball photo) to this email address, which we are spelling out vs. typing the hyperlink email address (we don’t want any spam!).

photos at submarinewife dot com

Did you get that?  I know it can be confusing, we have had a lot of emails requesting just what does that mean exactly.  You simply substitute the “at” with @ and the “dot” with “.” —– I know some of you are going “ohhhhh”.  You web savvy folks are probably rolling your eyes, sorry please bear with us!  Some of our readers are newbies, however we love them just the same!

So, get your photo in ASAP!

To view our slide-show / collage in progress click here.


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