Wonder & Sparkle

fireworks.jpgOn Friday I had to go to PSD to get a new ID card.  While I was there, I couldn’t help but notice the fresh faced couple who came through the door.  They were chatting and smiling while everyone else in the room was looking quite grumbly.  There was the retiree with his wife, the active duty female and her daughter, the young man and his buddy.  The young couple definitely changed the “energy” in that room.  As I looked a little closer at this happy couple, I couldn’t help but notice the white envelope he had in his hand.  The one with the script writing that said “Marriage License”.

Oh….to be “new” to the Navy.  Full of wonder, sparkle and amazement!

It quickly brought back memories of the day I received my ID Card.  We were stationed at Kings Bay and had just returned from our honeymoon in Key West.  I remember I had on a Ron Jons T-shirt and was a little sunburn.   Being a former Army wife, I was more than a little surprised to find I was already “in the system”, which was a little awkward, but we both just chuckled. 

A part of me wanted to talk to this new Navy wife and share some good advice and my best wishes.  I wanted to tell her when her husband is at sea, yes she might will cry a lot but that it will get easier.  That I don’t how it gets easier, it just does.  And that every deployment is different, but its the decision you make to get a routine and follow it is what will make the time go by faster.   And tons more things, instead I just let her enjoy the experience as it was clear they were in their own little world.

It was nice to revisit those first memories of being a “Navy Wife”, they were starting to get a little blurry.    Then my thoughts raced back to reality, I remember I need to put gas in my car (he used to do this for me) and get to the cleaners to pick up his Dress White Uniform before the end of Lil K’s school.  Big K is headed out the door soon for a school.   I guess I need to start thinking about my own routine while he is gone.  Just when I was getting used to having him around.  Darn Navy!

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2 Responses

  1. I also had that awkard moment of already being in the system when hubby and I went to get my ID when we first got married. I too had also been a former Army wife and before that I was a USMC brat… for a moment there DEERS even had me as AD, lol, even though i never joined. But it is weird to be there newly married and already in the system, having to ignore a weird look from the person behind the computer.

    My heart goes out to the newly married, I want to tell them how they are going to have all these great experiences if they are open minded to change, and how they will have hard times, but if they take it in stride it will only make them stronger!!!

  2. I thought i’d already be in the system since i was a navy brat but it had been 8 years since i turned 18 so i wasn’t in there.

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