Episode #3

blog radio

Our Show #3 “Third Times the Charm” is now available to listen to via the archives.

Click here to listen:



6 Responses

  1. I am SO GLAD that these shows are archived! I never seem to be able to catch them live try as I might. Great show once again ladies!

  2. I have a comment from Yahoo IM, Thanks Kayla for listening!:

    Kayla B.: Im listening to todays show right now! Im going to have to watch the bachelor now. i never watch it, but now i will have to watch it so i can see what yall are talking about! but i think you ladies are awesome. you have given me something more to look forward to everyday that will make me laugh!!

  3. I have a comment from MySpace, Thanks for listening Navy Dad Mike!

    Navy Dad Mike: I’m a regular reader of Joel’s blog at Bubblehead, so when he pointed out your radio show, I had to listen in. I’m a Navy Dad, not a spouse, but us Dad’s have some similar issues coping and helping our sailors. We’re family too!

    Anyway, I really appreciate the straight talk. It helps to hear someone else describe what they’re going through, and it’s even more helpful that it’s informal and spontaneous.

    I’d like to be added to your ‘friends’ list so I can follow along with your journey.

    Awesome job!
    –mike c. schenectady ny

  4. Another comment via MySpace:

    Jes writes: Your show is really cool and I was cracking up at all the bachelor stuff since I thought you were right on about alot of it which is weird since I haven’t watched that show since it first started. I think alot of it is staged. But after hearing you guys you have my interest peeked so I may just check it out next week.

  5. did you mean; photos (the @) submarinewife . com ?

    photos at submarinewife dot com

  6. Espi,

    Yes, we don’t want the spammers to find us.

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