Sub Sailor on IA in Iraq

Sub Sailor on IA in Iraq


Hi Everyone,

The husband received these pictures from one of his oldest shipmates today. They were on the USS Sturgeon together many moons ago.

He is currently serving an IA in Umm Qasr, Iraq.

Just thought I’d share.

Update: Here is a news link regarding sailors on IA – FLTCM speaks with IA Sailors from the Northwest Navigator.

During his visit, West spoke of the different bodies of water the Navy is a part of. The Navy’s primary mission used to be in blue water or ocean, now they are also performing their missions brown water and green water, while continuing to defend in the blue water.

“We have Sailors on the ground and always have been on the ground,” said West. “Our SEALs, explosive ordnance disposal units and hospital corpsmen have always been out there, but now we’ve expanded that.”

Navy IA Sailors are currently serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Djibouti and Cuba.

Thanks Tracie (Navy Wife) for the link info on SB.


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