“I’m Coming Home” – Sub Homecoming Video

“I’m Coming Home” - a Submarine Homecoming” by theSubReport.com

Hi Everyone!  This is a GREAT video created by theSubReport.com.

We are thrilled to launch it here on submarinewife.com!

“I’m Coming Home – A Submarine Homecoming”
Dedicated to all the Wives and Families of the U.S. Navy Submarine Force

Please click here to view the video or click the photo.

Because google videos come out a little grainy, you can also email Eric at  eric@thesubreport.com and he will direct you where to go to download the link free of charge.

Enjoy Everybody!

If you’ve headed over from theSubReport.com, we welcome you and invite you hang around and tour our site.  Read our blog here.


3 Responses

  1. Stan: Hope you enjoy this video, I get email for subreport emails every week and this came in. I met you at Sherwood Resturant this morning and was sitting behind you with my wife, grandson and son in laws sister.

    Tom Reed

  2. As a young submariner in the late 1950s, I don’t remember such bittersweet homecomings. This is a great video.

  3. We had this comment come through and some how I deleted it. So, Im reposting here.

    Jennifer writes:

    OMG this video was amazing, my husband has been in for almost 17 yrs and the feeling of seeing a sub return never changes for me. You have captured what is so hard to explain to those not in the submarine world. Well done.
    I would love to post this on my myspace page. If that is possible could you email me the code to (deleted)… thank you again for making this amazing video

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