Love story: Ryan & Amber

Hi Everyone! 

Here is an interesting story….

Love story: Ryan Fullerton and Amber Holifield
From The Herald (Everett, Wash.) published on Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Amber Holifield was house-sitting in April 2006 after losing her job. She decided to go online to check her e-mail.

Amber, of Virginia Beach, Va., had a message from Ryan Fullerton of Marysville. He had seen her picture on a Web site and was interested. “I was really over military guys at that time,” Amber said.
But Ryan, a radioman on the submarine USS Charlotte, was cute and had piercing blue eyes. He told Amber about himself online.

When they had their first phone call, Amber and Ryan ended up talking for more than four hours. Two days after meeting online, the couple met in person. They have been inseparable ever since.   Read the rest here.

I’m thinking at least she can be sure she’ll receive emails from her husband.  My husband never seemed to get along with his radioman.  Just ask Marie.  :

Thanks Eric over at The Sub Report for the link tip.


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  1. Thats cute! I, myself, met my husband online. Best thing I ever did!

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