Babies at a Ball?!

Since the Sub Ball is right around the corner, I thought I’d ask this question:

Do babies belong at a Military Ball?

How would you feel if someone brought a baby?

Is is appropriate?  inappropriate? 

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13 Responses

  1. I don’t think babies “belong” at a Military Ball, but there are certain circumstances where I wouldn’t mind it at all.

    Being a mother of 2 small children & 1 on the way….its hard sometimes to find sitters that are reliable and dependable and if they cancel at the last moment, then its really an awful feeling.

    I don’t think that these mothers/fathers should have to miss out on these opportunities to share with other military spouses because someone doesn’t like their children being there.

    I understand that there may be alcohol or whatever else at these events, but it shouldn’t be a “set” standard.

    If someone has a big enough problem with it….then they should offer out free babysitting for those with small children. I think everyone should be included/involved with these type of events where they can meet other spouses and interact. Its unfair that a lot of people have to miss these events due to baby-sitter cancellations, etc…

    If someone brought a baby to the ball…it may seem inappropriate, but I would first consider the circumstances. I think its okay if they have the baby there only for a short period of time….to socialize and then take the baby home once people start drinking more and it gets later.

    This is just MY opinion….nothing against anyone or trying to make anyone mad. I’ve been in this situation and I’ve had to sit out on a LOT of events due to sitter circumstances.

    I neither agree nor disagree with this.

    Like I said, if someone has a big enough problem with this issue….then they should see about having a free sitter service at the ball. OR even just a sitter service in general.

  2. Is this something that they are trying to let happen?

    I believe that the ball is adult time. I know our command schedules many family friendly activities throughout the year. I don’t see why a baby would need to come to the ball. I know if I were to bring my baby (well, when they were babies) to the ball, I would not enjoy myself as much. Plus, there are moments at the ball where the room needs to be quiet. Not to mention the fact that there will be people drinking.

    I think the environment is not suitable for a baby.

  3. to me i think that there should not be any for the fact that one there is going to be ahcole sp i know but it is already too crowed for any kid to be there just go and find a baby sitter like the rest of us have to or just dont go imo

  4. I think it’s very inappropriate. A sub ball is an event for adults. If you don’t want to leave your baby then don’t go. You need to get a babysitter. i went to a semiformal new years eve party where they brought kids and it was hard for the adults to enjoy themselves because all the parents just let the kids run around and get into everything and guaranteed that’s what they’d do at the sub ball. there’s drinking there and a lot of time drunkeness and it just not a place for children.

  5. I think that a baby who is still nursing and very dependent on his/her mother should be allowed to go. I don’t think it is fair to make those mothers stay home just because they couldn’t bring that child with them. They still should have that freedom to get out and have fun. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. If it is older children, then definitely get a sitter.

  6. I think it is so incredibly annoying with parents bring their babies to places that are meant for adults. Maybe I’m biased because I don’t have any children nor do I ever want any, but even so, a military ball is for adults…period.

  7. I am one of those moms that had to miss a ball b/c of a young baby. I would have loved to go but like most moves every military family goes through, we were relocated away from any relative or knew no one enough to trust them alone with our baby.

    I don’t agree that babies should be allowed to attend a ball. Usually there are alcohol and tobacco available which is not a good environment to have children present and I do agree that it is harder to enjoy when children are around. The military have plenty of functions throughout the year that involve family. This is one of the few times mom and dad get to party on their own and enjoy a little alone time that is sometimes much needed.

    However, I do agree in perhaps having a “sitting service” available. An example would be a referred agency that’s been pre-screened or a list of older children of these military families that can be available to sit for a minor fee. It would make me feel more at ease leaving my baby behind to someone I know can be trusted by others.

    Just my thought.

  8. I just dont think its appropriate to have children there. If you are a nursing mother, you should think about pumping a few bottles before hand so that way you are set. Moms and Dads deserve some adult time, and since there will be drinking and everything like that, I just dont think its a suitable place for children. There are a million other family functions throughout the year, they do not need to be in attendence to this one. I do think that maybe for parents, who dont know anyone who can watch there kids, there should be a few people who should be on hand that night to babysit. Or something like that so that they can attend. I myself have a young child. I have a 5 month old son, so I know how hard it is to get out.

  9. I wonder if the CDC on base has anything for ball night? If not, I think they should consider doing something. I’m sure alot of people would take advantage of it.

  10. If you have a baby or small child, and you have no sitter (like us) then I think you should just stay home. They have a ball every year. I’ve been a sub wife for almost 3 years now and this is the first time I’m going. When you have a baby soemtimes you have to sacrifice going to events. It just wouldn’t be right to have a little one there. People are trying to have a romantic evening. There shouldn’t be kids running and playing and babies crying and stuff. I think the CDC should have something. I know I’d take advantage of it!

  11. I agree that the ball is not for small children or any children at all! I have 4 children and there is no way, I would get all dressed up just to chase my kids around. Last year when we went, there was alot of alcohol, and alot of drunk ppl, i would never put my children in that environment. Maybe I care too much for my kids. The ball is for adults, I would be very annoyed is someone brought their child. Sorry thats my opinion. And thats true Christina, sometimes you do have to sacrifice. But not going b/c you have a child is probably the best thing and the most thoughtful! Your child should be more important than trying to take them to the ball. Again, my opinion.

  12. Sub Ball is a FORMAL Military Event. Would you take your child to a command sponsored dining out , our to a hail and fairwell? I sure as heck wouldn’t . children have no place at those types of event. If you have children and want to attend them,then they need to find a babysitter. or hope then can go next year.

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