Deny Him??

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Has your spouse ever convinced you to make a major purchase and when it was all said and done you thought, “I didn’t really want that”, or “how did he/she talk me into this”??  Case in point, I have a brown leather couch that looks like nothing I would pick out on my own, but somehow my husband convinced me that not only did he think it was the perfect couch that I did too.  Well, the latest in this saga is the “free” motorcycle the husband rode into work this morning.  I know he rode it today because the engine noise woke me up from a sound sleep. 

With the gas prices being “so high” (husbands words) and his truck getting terrible gas mileage, my husband gave me the hard sell on how by buying a motorcycle which gets 60 miles to the gallon, if ridden to work x amount of days a month would save “us” so much money that the monthly payment plus gas (and insurance) would still be less than what he was spending on gas for his truck every month.  In essence, “it wouldn’t cost anything extra” it would basically be “free”, he said with a big smile and look of excitement!  Well, in theory this does make logical sense.  Being the logical and common sense gifted person that I am, I agreed and took the bait.  And before you could say “snap”, there was a motorcycle purchased and ready for delivery.

One thing my husband forgot to mention was all the “accessories” his new little toy would require, thus making this free motorcycle NOT so free anymore.  There was the saddle bags that he had to have, then the windshield (for safety of course), not to mention 2 different helmets….not counting the helmet for the 10 yr. old……the gore-tex gloves…..the list goes on and on. 

The bottom line, free didn’t actually mean freeSo today after being woken up by the engine of that motorcycle and after I’ve given it some thought, I’m ok with the “not free” motorcycle and here’s why:

I remember once after a Homecoming us walking back to the car, I hadn’t seen or spoke to him in about 78 days, I asked, “when was the last time you saw the sky, honey?”, he answered without skipping a beat “78 days ago…”.

So, on a day like today where the high should be about 67 degrees, my husband will ride home from work with the wind in his face, enjoying the blue sky, warm sun and cool wind that for so many years he was unable to do.  Who am I to deny that?  Not to mention when the 10 year old gets picked up from school on the bike and his friends comment “wow, you are so lucky to get to ride home”… son gets so excited and is proud to be with his dad.  

Here’s what I have decided.  Who cares if his “free” motorcycle wasn’t exactly “free”.  As military spouses we all know to closely that Freedom is not Free and life is short.  His sacrifice of being underway all those years is something I’ll never know, and there’s really no denying that.


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  1. Motorcycling is the only form of transport that makes me feel alive. Hard to explain to someone who has not done it.

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