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I met an Army wife today at church.  Her husband is in Iraq right now.  She is actually the only “wife” who I “know” that has a husband in Iraq presently.   I have been wanting to get a collection box at church started, and now I’m even more motivated to get this started.  At BK’s office, they have about 60 sailors on IA, so Im hoping we can get enough donations to send several boxes of great stuff. 

I was “greeting” at the door of the church when this Army wife came through with a “I Love Being an Army Wife” t-shirt.  Wow, I thought what a neat t-shirt…so I asked her where her husband was……she was very sweet and said “Iraq”.  It turns out she is living here with her in-laws while he is there, which is for another 6 months. 

I just wanted to offer a little perspective for us today.

Although we have “dangers” that our husbands are in, for the most part our submariners do not have the danger of an IED.

Please keep our brave troops, that include many sailors on IA, in your prayers.  If you don’t know anyone over in Iraq or Afghanistan and you want to reach out to another sailor or soldier who might be single (or married) with little or no mail at mail call, here a couple of websites that can help you connect in and send a care package full of love from the U.S.



Go to AnySailor.com

…back to our regularly scheduled programming….


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