The Silent Service

Issues related to the submarine wife and family members are unique indeed.  The Silent Service has it’s challenges that are different from any other armed forces branch.  This blog will focus on those issues and ones all military spouses face:  pcs’s, negotiating for orders, deployments, support groups, creating new friends when you move, career, kids, and family.  Whether you are a wife, mom or dad, brother or sister of a submariner this site is for you.

In my journey as a sub wife, I discovered there were very few online resources for the sub wife.   My great friend, Marie, and I have always been known as spirited, fun, out spoken and adventerous.  We probably think we are funnier than we actually are, however we have decided to expand our little circle of friends into a BIG one and invite you to join us. 

The submarine community is known to be a very small one and can also be very isolating since our issues are our so unique when it comes to deployments, communication with our sailors and the demands our husbands while being submerged under the sea for months at a time.  With the current war in Iraq and Afganistan, it isn’t a matter of if our sailors will serve an IA (Individual Augmentee – Sailor usually attached to an Army unit), but when.  Spouses turn to the internet more and more for online support and we want to give them another resource.

I personally welcome you to, this place is for you and while you might visit here daily while your husband is at sea and forget we exist when he walks through that door, we won’t take offense.  We’ll just pick up right were we left off.

Welcome aboard!


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